Parking at office centres, parking at business premises

Office centres, company head offices, business premises

Office centres, company headquarters, business premises

To office centres, we offer the use of the modular system that combines a parking system with an access system. This system allows both the requirement for the car park entry protection and the requirement for the office centre or manufacturing area entry control to be satisfied at the same time. The customer can select out of several options of operation – the system can be operated manually from the reception or automatically via the unattended control system with the use of contactless media or camera system or, if necessary, charged entry can also be selected. The system ensures easy validation of access media (cards or chips), securing and monitoring or the creation of statistics and reports. Also the option to create card groups can be used. This option is designed for centres and areas where several companies operate. More prepaid cards for a parking space can ensure that the parkers who arrived earlier will occupy only the number of parking spaces that has been reserved for their company.

In office centres, a parking system module equipped with cameras for licence plate recognition can be used – LPR system. This module allows the licence plate recognition and, subsequently, to assess whether the entry or exit is authorized within the whole car park area. Due to monitoring, a statement of executed passages can be obtained. The camera system contributes significantly to the increase of the security of parking. For prepaid parking and for the booking of a parking space for visitors, the "passage through the terminal on the basis of a recognized licence plate" function can be used.

Digital Park II, Bratislava, Slovakia

- GP4P Variant parking system:
- 16× barrier, 1× automatic pay station, 1x manual pay station, 3× entry, 2× exit,
- 5× VIP entry, 5× VIP exit, 1x information display, 1x server

The Office, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

- GP4P Variant parking system: 6× barrier, 1× automatic pay station, 1× entry, 1× exit, 2× VIP entry, 2× VIP

Enterprise Office Center, Prague, Czech Republic

- access system
- 8x turnstile

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