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GP4CS charging stations for electric vehicles

The GP4CS Charging Station for Electric Vehicles

The GP4CS charging station for electric vehicles is designed for public use in commercial car parks, garages, company car parks, at hotels and shopping centres. The charging station can make the car park more attractive for customers. The charging station features a robust self-supporting structure, protection against vandalism and modular system of sockets. The system is intuitive and easy to control. For the communication with the charging station, the LAN Ethernet communication interface is used. The charging station further supports the remote control and operation, the sending of information on the user display or the production of statistics. The charging station thus represents an easy entry to the electric mobility world. The device can constitute a significant part of a parking system. This will enable the integration of electric vehicles charging with the hardware and software of a parking solution. The payment for used services (both parking fees and payments for electric vehicle charging) is also integrated and paid within one transaction.

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