GPP ABA – access system

GPP ABA access system

The GPP ABA Access System

The GPP ABA Access System is designed to check the authorization of entering persons. The system allows the monitoring, checking and approving of access into restricted areas of premises, the monitoring of entry doors, lifts, internal areas and car parks. The monitored area can be split into zones with different levels of entry authorization, zones can be further submerged in one another. The access system operates autonomously according to defined criteria. The access system can also be used as a module of parking systems on-line connected to the control software when the communication can run both via data cables and wireless. The creation of reports and overview statistics on the system operation is commonplace. The identification system is suitable for all types of premises, it can be effectively used e.g. in residential houses, administrative buildings, hospitals, hotels, production areas, at trade fairs as well as at many other places.

Main attributes

Connection via RS422 / TCP/IP
The Sybase SQL database, the GreenProAccess application programme
The GPU AC module/ the GP4 AC module
The connection of the communication module to the media scanner via RS232/USB

Basic components

Control unit: GPU AC or GP4 AC
Contactless media reader (contactless cards or chips) or bar code reader

Optional accessories

Road barriers
Access turnstiles
Electrical locks
Connection to the fire alarm system
Electrical door barriers
Other types of entry devices with potential-free contact

Documents for download

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