Residential houses and residential areas

Parking at residential houses and in residential areas

Parking at Residential Houses

Residential area car park We offer a solution for a passage into reserved parking areas of residential houses and for the securing of these areas against unauthorized parking. There are many variants to be selected out of - automatic road barriers, parking blocks, gates, etc. The access can be granted via remote control, a parking card, a chip (as a part of the access system) or the opening can be solved via a doorbell and intercom that are placed on the entry stand.

If the access road to parking spaces is not wide enough for two-way traffic, the passages can be solved by the installation of a control unit for logical traffic control and a semaphore or another signalling display.

Residential Access Control System

Parking at residential houses The AGI-800 Residential Access Control System is designed to ensure the security of a building and protection of a building against unauthorized access. AGI-800 is a modular system that can be part of many variable solutions for all customer requirements. The Residential Access System is designed in such a way to fulfil the requirements of high security and reliability. Operating the device is very easy and, therefore, highly comfortable for users. The system uses contactless media technology (RFID) which enables the access media validation to be made easily. The used media are characterized by high level of security, the copying of them is almost impossible.    AGI-800 features long distance of the EM-Marin contactless media reading - 15 cm if a card is used, 10 cm if a chip tag is used. Further, the access system allows the passages to be recorded or time intervals to be set so the building is made accessible to public workers (postmen, suppliers, dustmen, etc.). The system can be further extended by cameras, videocoms or the GSM module. The transfer of data via the GSM module enables the remote administration of the access system, remote opening of doors e.g. for the handicapped, seniors, etc. without any charge imposed on this service, only with the use of a mobile phone.

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