TRANSIT – long range readers

TRANSIT long range readers


The TRANSIT platform operates on the 2.45 GHz radio frequency. This technology is based on microvawe scanners that are used for the exact identification of a vehicle and a driver. Semi-active accummulator transponders are used as identification media.

TRANSIT Ultimate

The TRANSIT Ultimate long range reader TRANSIT Ultimate is a top quality long-range reader designed for the detection of vehicles as well as for comfortable unattended passages of vehicles. The reader is based on the semi-active RFID technology (2.45 GHz) that allows automatic identification of vehicles and drivers within the distance of up to 10 metres at the speed of up to 200 km/h. The use of two RFID communication channels ensures advanced bi-directional communication and safe authentication of identification media.

The reader features an option of accurate determination of detection areas which guarantees its troble free operation. A whole range of supported communication interfaces allows the reader to be flexibly integrated into different systems. Robust execution, the use of high quality materials and modern technologies predestines the reader to be used for applications featuring difficult operating conditions, extreme intensity of operation or requirements for a high level of security.

Key features and functions
 - A robust industrial design
 - Top quality execution of a built-in antenna
 - Semi-active RFID technology based on two frequencies
 - The reading range of up to 10 metres
 - Identification of vehicles going at the speed of up to 200 km/h
 - Authentication of media on the basis of the advanced coding standard AES
 - A range of integrated communication interfaces including USB
 - Three configurable coloured LED indicators
 - An integrated board for easy control of the reading range
 - A protective switch designed for the detection of changes made by persons with insufficient authorization
 - Easy to install

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