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Technical support

Our company puts a great emphasis on high quality training provided to all users of our products. Usually, training is organized directly at the place of a specific installation and it should precede the parking system activation. The extent of training is determined in accordance with the customer's needs and the size of the system installation. The configuration of the system software is part of the training and it will provide users with the easiest possible way to control and administer the installation.
If necessary, customers can use one of the communication channels that mediates the connection with the staff at the Technical Support Department. For qualified advice, clients can use e-mail or repair and maintenance service line. In addition to this, the Technical Support staff are able to connect to the server of a specific installation via the internet. The use of remote control allows to remove problems at the installation or to solve customers' questions in a very short time.
The Technical Support Department is available not only to customers from the Czech Republic but naturally also to our foreign partners that come from many countries all over the world.

Technical support contact

Technical support professionals are available during normal business hours from Monday to Friday (excluding non-working days) between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. CET.

Patrik Hovanec
Přímá linka: +420 246 083 733
Mobilní telefon: +420 720 480 390

Jan Kapeš
Direct line: +420 246 083 731
Mobile phone: +420 602 151 420

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