New car park with integrated EV charger in Chisinau

Moldova, as almost every European country, is experiencing constantly increasing number of vehicles on the streets as well as growing demand for zero-emissions driving with electronic vehicles. With the project “Automatic parking system with integrated charger for electric vehicles in Chisinau” implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) through the Challenge Fund, with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Green Center, in cooperation with partnering Moldovan company EV Point Parking Systems S.R.L., brings drivers smooth parking experience with an easy to operate EV charging possibility. The new car park with 121 parking spaces is in a convenient location on a main access to the city center, close to the offices and two shopping malls, Solaris and Zitty Mall.

Parking is a difficult challenge that the residents and visitors of Chisinau face. Existing car parks are not equipped with modern parking technologies and the parking itself is not at all organized. The project of parking system with an integrated charger for electric vehicles in Chisinau provides much easier and well managed parking experience. Integration of the EV charger provides users with an opportunity to charge their vehicles while using the new car park, pay for charging and park for free during the charging period. The charging fee is paid in an EV Point Parking System App. At the same time the system monitors the parking places dedicated to electric vehicles and informs operator if there are vehicles parked in front of the EV chargers but are not charging. The drivers can also use the app to check if the EV chargers in Solaris are free to plan their trip accordingly. The grant was also used to completely prepare the parking system for Moldavan market – language localization, integration of the fiscal rules and credit card payment implementation.

Several obstacles occurred during realization of the project. There was a significant delay in the integration of the new local fiscal rules, that were introduced in Moldova in 2022. Obtaining up to date information was quite difficult and we appreciate involvement of Mrs. Kateřina Šilhánková, the Counsellor at Embassy of the Czech Republic in Chisinau in this case. But after all the ups and downs we can finally say that our project is successfully running and is ready to be replicated in other locations in Moldova.

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