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The Nedap logo Setting up an official business partnership with the Nedap company 1. 5. 2017 – We became an official business partner of the Nedap company and a certified distributor of technologies for automatic long-range vehicle and driver identification for the Czech Republic.

Based in the Netherlands, Nedap has a leading position on the market of long-range identification systems, wireless vehicle detection systems and city access control systems.

The Nedap innovative and patented technologies provide unique solutions that optimize, monitor and control the traffic flow. Millions of vehicles and drivers all over the world use scanners and transponders every day. Identification system technologies ensure safe, fast and smooth traffic at car parks, airports, ports, industrial areas, secured buildings, cities and many other places.

The Nedap products are characterized by high quality, effectiveness and safety arising out of more than 30 years of practical experience with the use of the RFID technology.

The products that we offer include both long-range scanners and a wide spectrum of identification media. Our official partnership with the Nedap company means a value added primarily for our customers as this partnership allows us to provide better services and offer the products for favourable prices.


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